The Texans’ Season May Be Lost, but Don’t Tell That to Tyrod Taylor

Davis Mills’ career hasn’t quite gotten off to the start he imagined. After being thrust into the starting lineup following Tyrod Taylor’s hamstring injury, Mills has lost all five of his starts. In those five games, Mills tallied 1,357 yards, with 7 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. Despite his less-than-stellar performance, I think we can all acknowledge he wasn’t put in a position to succeed. The Texans’ season for all intents and purposes is lost. Currently, they sit at 1-7, good for 4th in the AFC South. If there were to be any hope for their season, it rests heavily on the return of Tyrod Taylor at quarterback. Taylor last played for the Texans in Week 2, where Houston took on his former team, the Cleveland Browns. It was in that game that Taylor was forced to the sideline with a hamstring injury, allowing the aforementioned Davis Mills to get his chance at QB. Taylor was off to a great start before his injury, throwing for 416 yards and 3 touchdowns, with no interceptions; good for a 80.3 QBR (which would be the highest in the league if he were able to maintain it upon his return). Even though Taylor has reached his Optimal Recovery Time, it will definitely be in his best interest to play a little more cautiously considering his Elevated Injury Risk.

More on why Taylor’s projections in his first game back.


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