The Browns Are in Injury Purgatory as Jarvis Landry Suffers Yet Another Knee Injury

If you aren’t a fan of any AFC North teams it’s easy to feel bad for the Browns. From the historic bad luck to back-to-back 15 loss seasons (including the infamous 0-16 year), it just seems like the team is cursed. Despite that, the roster is strong, and Head Coach Kevin Stefanski seems to have good control of the locker room and the players on his side. Unfortunately, what he can’t control is what’s killing the team’s momentum: injuries. The most recent addition to the list is a familiar name, Jarvis Landry. He was forced to sit out of practice early in the week, but Stefanksi made it clear that it wasn’t permanent. His Injury Risk was already High, but now it is even worse (47%), while his Health Performance Factor is Poor, at 38%. Despite all the injury setbacks this year, backup quarterback Case Keenum led the team to a win over the Broncos in Week 7, and the team is staying alive in the AFC North at 4-3.


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