Rookie Scottie Barnes’ Optimal Recovery Time is 3 Weeks After Thumb Sprain

Scottie Barnes: Scottie Barnes is currently leading all rookies with 18.1 points-per-game and is the Raptors second leading scorer behind OG Anunoby. Unfortunately though, his hot start could be cooling down thanks to a thumb sprain he suffered in the Raptors Saturday night win over the Indiana Pacers. After the game, Raptors head coach Nick Nurse said that it wasn’t clear exactly how Barnes hurt his thumb, but he would be getting an X-ray as well as an MRI to determine its severity. Both tests indicated the injury was not to be considered serious, but Coach Nurse said Barnes would be limited in practice because the thumb was “tender and sore.” While Nurse added there wasn’t a timetable for Barnes’ return, we have estimated it could be weeks before Barnes reaches Optimal Health. The sprain is in his dominant hand, and as a result, it comes with a High Injury Risk. This means that it is likely in the Raptors best interest to approach their developing forward’s injury with caution.


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