Is Father Time Catching Up With Lebron?

Lebron James has had one of, if not, the greatest careers in NBA history. Part of that is in his seemingly superhuman ability to avoid injury. It looks like that superhuman ability could be showing some cracks as Lebron has landed on the injury report for the second time this season. First, he missed a handful of games with ankle soreness. Now it looks like he will be missing more time with an abdomen strain. Generally, abdominal strains result from a sudden stretch or contraction in the abdominal muscles. When it comes to healing, the staff will determine Lebron’s playing capability based on if and when flexibility returns to the abs and hips. In Lebron’s case, the medical staff has gone on record saying they “want to take their time” and that it would be “at least one week” before he returned. The Lakers have not gotten off to the start most expected as they currently sit at 5-4 on the year, with two of those losses being to the OKC Thunder, who had to overcome 26-point and 19-point deficits to do so. After spending the offseason revitalizing their roster via trades and signings, Lakers fans certainly expected things to go differently this year. With Lebron out for the next week, it will be interesting to see how the Lakers perform without him considering he is the team’s de facto leader and second-leading scorer with 24.8 PPG. 


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