From Fractured Ribs to Fractured Fingers, When Will Tua be Healthy?

Before kickoff in Sunday’s Dolphins vs. Texans matchup, Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa went through warm-ups, and initially, it looked like he was going to start. Unfortunately, after those warm-ups, the Dolphins medical staff ruled that he would not be the starter, but would remain active as the team’s backup. Tua is nursing a fractured middle finger on his throwing hand that wasn’t expected to be as problematic as it has been. After last week’s game against the Bills, Tua took limited reps in practice and was prepared to play but was still considered a game-time decision. The cause of the fracture remains unclear, but the Dolphins are still keeping their hopes up. With the Dolphins set to take on the Ravens this Thursday, the team is dealing with a tight window in which they will determine whether Tua can start or not. We’ve calculated his Optimal Recovery Time to be 4 weeks, but the fracture itself likely won’t be fully healed for two months. If Tua isn’t able to play Thursday, this would be his second stint of the season missing multiple starts in a row. Earlier this season, Tua missed three games with fractured ribs, which is still listed as a reason for his “questionable” status.


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