Get the real scoop on nba and NFL injuries + how they impact each team

Inside Injuries created an algorithm to analyze injuries to NBA and NFL players so you can make winning decisions when placing a bet or setting a fantasy lineup.

The Science Behind the Science

The Inside Injuries algorithm is backed by years of medical research and input from orthopedic surgeons, radiologists and data scientists. Our database consists of over a million data points! We use this information to determine what injuries a player has had (body part, severity, etc) and then predict how a player will perform and their likelihood of getting injured.

Once we have this data processed for every single player, it then goes into another algorithm that determines the overall health of each team and how exactly injuries will impact them. For football, we look at the health of four position groups – offensive skills positions, offensive line, defensive line and secondary. For basketball, we look at how injuries will affect each team’s scoring, rebounding and defense.

Team Health Scores

Analysis for a winning season

Team Health Scores combine injury and health analysis on key players to determine the overall health of the team. View specific matchups and analyze the overall Team Health Score by position and by the individual player.

Scores that Scale

The higher the team health, the better your chances

Based on the Inside Injuries algorithm, the team with the higher Team Health Score is favored and expected to cover. Members can dig deeper into the analysis and view matchups for the teams, individual players and each position group. You can also view the scores of each player on the roster, which is helpful for setting fantasy lineups.

7-day free trial

Inside Injuries is offering a 7-day free trial so you can see for yourself how all of our analysis works! This is good for any of our packages and will be automatically applied when you checkout.

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